Sooper Hai Pakistan campaign makes Pakistan proud!

Peek Freans Sooper has officially broken the Guinness World Records title for the Largest Cookie Mosaic in the shape of Pakistan’s flag made within 6.5 hours by 250 Pakistanies in Islamabad on 70th Independence Day of Pakistan with 150,000+ cookies measuring 226.51 m2

As the highest selling biscuit of Pakistan, the brand has grown into a household name for its quality and wholesome goodness, as well as for its positive and memorable campaigns over the past two decades. Peek Freans Sooper, wanted to unite the country under one umbrella with the inspirational and encouraging message of #SooperHaiPakistan.

The EBM people came jointly to do something impossible to set a new Guinness World Records title! That is to build the world’s largest cookie mosaic in the shape of Pakistan Flag with a solid resounding message of how Sooper the nation it is!

The team of 250 worked with great enthusiasm and passion as they gradually pieced collectively the mosaic, block by block, biscuit by biscuit with only Peek Freans Sooper cookies themselves. With hard work, dedication and a Sooper attitude mosaic finally made. Upon completion of the cookie mosaic, the biscuits were distributed in custom built containers to notable charities across Pakistan.

Dr. Zeelaf Munir, EBM Managing Director and CEO said,

 “We are a nation that is continuously rebuilding, reshaping and pushing forward – no matter what the odds. Our campaign, ‘Sooper Hai Pakistan’ seeks to highlight this national positivity by disseminating content that is the exact opposite of what the popular media continues to cover.”

Speaking on the occasion, Ayesha Janjua, EBM Head of Marketing said,

“Pakistanis are brimming with raw talent; surpassing the world’s expectations on each and every pivotal moment and the participation of EBM sales and marketing team in this historic event demonstrates the true spirit of every Pakistani.”

This record breaking event was attended by a number of celebrities like Younis Khan, Shoaib Akhtar, Adnan Siddiqui and Hareem Farooq to name a few. They came out to support the efforts of Peek Freans Sooper and were seen cheering for the team and encouraging them throughout the event.

As the Guinness World Records team announced the result, the participants were finally rewarded with the confirmation that Pakistan and Peek Freans Sooper had made the history books by bringing home a Guinness World Records title on the day of the country’s 70thIndependence day.

Author: Zia Zubery

Wanderlust, Twenty, Business Student, PR Professional with over two years of corporate experience of Branding and Int’l Marketing. Zia Zuberi tweets

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