Facts or fiction: How Green tea can boost your health

People always prefer coffee and black tea in the situations of physical and mental stress or fatigue. But there is also a substitute present, called green tea. Yes! Green tea helps in mental and physical health as it has high amount of antioxidants, catechins, theanine and polyphenols. And it has been studied many times that green tea has anti-cancer properties also. Green tea also contains very small amount of caffeine which help in energy boost without making you feel jittery or on edge. Green tea helps in following health benefits:

  1. Boost immune system:

Green tea helps in fighting against many types of diseases by the help of their antioxidants. So it takes part in boosting the immune system of body.

  1. Weight loss:

Green tea also helps in losing weight by the aid of their content called polyphenols. These polyphenols help in increasing the rate of fat oxidation.

  1. Healthy Skin:

Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties. And it has been proven that due to this anti-inflammatory properties it helps in fighting against aging. It also eliminates the inflammatory skin issues like psoriasis and dandruff.

  1. Prevent Cancer:

Grean tea has high amount of polyphenols (particularly EGCG or EGCg) and antioxidents. Thus it helps in decreasing the risk of many cancer types like breast cancer, oral cancer, stomach cancer and esophageal cancer.

  1. Prevent from Diabetes Mellitus:

Drinking grean tea also lowers the blood sugar level. Thus it decreases the risk of type -2 Diabetes and also decreases the cholesterol level from blood. So, replacing the soda beverages from grean tea can help you insaving calories, it can also help prevent your insulin levels from spiking.

Author: Sahrish Tariq

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