Why Online Book Stores are the Future?

Technology has had more of an impact on our lives than anything else in recent history. It has transformed the way we live, interact, and do business. In fact, it has had so much of an impact that for the first time in the history of the business world, not one but two companies broke through the trillion dollars mark and became worth more than $1 trillion dollars individually. The first was Apple, and the second was Amazon. The latter started out as an online bookstore, and today it is worth more than a trillion dollars. That should tell you all you need to know about the scope and potential of the online retail business.

Though developing countries such as Pakistan are still slow in their progression on this path, yet there have been positive signs. With more and more online retailers popping up in the market, the avenue is increasing for this particular business model. Online bookstores in Pakistan are no exception to the increasing trend as there are numerous online stores now that are dedicated to supplying only books.

So let us take a look and see why online bookstores are the future of our country as well as the rest of the world.

2. Convenience:

The first and most obvious reason why people prefer online bookstores to the conventional brick and mortar bookshops is convenience. Especially in Pakistan, it is not easy going out into the market to search for the book you need, and in the case of students looking for academic books, the time is even less. They have to keep up with their studies, work jobs, maintain social and personal lives, and take part in extra-curricular activities as well. So it is extremely convenient for students to find order and purchase the book they need from the comfort of their own home, saving time and money.

After all, the purpose of businesses everywhere is to provide the maximum amount of convenience and ease to consumers and online retail businesses are structured around this. Online business stores allow you to browse larger amount of books, compare their prices, assess their quality, and order them without even leaving the comfort of your own home so it is easy to understand why conventional brick and mortar bookshops are closing down slowly but surely. Moreover, there is no time constraint when it comes to ordering books from online retailers, unlike physical shops that close down at night and are only operational for a set amount of hours every day. You can access online websites at any time and avail their services.

2. Cheaper Means of Acquisition:

Online bookstores such as Booksinn are cheaper for students who have limited funds. They look for businesses that save them time and money and these are the businesses that will continue to survive and thrive. Not only do online book retailers offer a discount on a wide range of books, but they also save you a lot of transportation and fuel cost as well.

They offer original books for only a few thousand rupees that would otherwise be sold to the regular customer at a higher rate in the market. The money you would have spent to get to the brick and mortar bookshop can now be spent on buying the actual book, not to mention you would have to face less stress in dealing with traffic and people. It is quite clear that businesses that reduce stress and save cost are the ones destined to thrive in the future.

3. Sophistication and Efficiency

Online book retailers offer sophistication and efficiency in the customer experience that simply cannot be matched by the brick and mortar bookshops. With sophisticated search options that allow you to put in any detail about the book from the title and author to the ISBN and the publisher, everything can be available on your screen with the click of a button.

You can know the price, quality, and content of a book in a matter of seconds as compared to flipping through the pages one by one to make sure they are in good condition. Once you have selected a book, you can simply click “Add to cart” and pay through online means or by cash on delivery and a process that would have taken hours to complete decades ago, can be done in a few minutes through online supplier consumer interaction. That is why buying online books in Pakistan are much easier nowadays as compared to going and buying a book from the store.

These were just some of the reasons why online bookstores are the future of the industry. They offer too much to the every day consumer as compared to the conventional bookshops and consumers are willing to purchase from them more readily than ever before.

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