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Pakistabalogs is a website that consistently updates you about latest happenings in Pakistan’s. Pakistan blogs brings an opportunity for  fans to voice their opinion on the platform provided by us.

If you think you are a good writer with bright imagination or you think you can become a good writer with the help of our trainers, then you can apply for a position in our team if you meet the following.


  1. Can write at least 2 articles in a week.
  2. Good writing skills ( at least familiar with run-on sentences, gerunds and infinitives and have good grammar.
  3. Have good knowledge on the game, you want to write on.

Don’t be shy that you can’t write, If you believe that you can do it then you will do it and we will help you in doing it.

How to apply?

Email us at muhammad (at) pakistanblogs.com by filling the following info:

  • Full Name:
  • Country:
  • Technology that you follow:
  • Specialization: (analyzing, satirical articles, comics or even news writing.)
  • Articles per week: (minimum 3)
  • Sample article: (A 250 words article on any topic.)
  • Facebook profile:
  • Skype name (optional)

Don’t forget that our experienced trainers will help you in becoming a best writer, what you should do is to give it a shot.

Any queries should be mailed on muhammad at pakistanblogs.com