Government Strategies to Reopen YouTube After Eid

PTA-YouTube-CaseGovt of Pakistan is creating initiatives to reopening video sharing website YouTube after Eid-ul-Fitr.

IT Minister Anusha Rahman has established a 12 member panel to analysis the possibility of removing undesirable content material from the website after after PTA voiced its inability to block the content.

However, it is still not clear that how future-duplication of unfavorable content will be obstructed. On other side, Google has not replied to Pakistan’s request of blocking objectionable content in the country, like it has done for various other locations.

Government has hinted that it may reopen YouTube in Pakistan after creating sure the obstruction of all unfavorable content, without referring to the techniques it plan to use for blocking the content.

Government said that all stakeholders will be taken into assurance before reopening the web page.

YouTube had been blocked across Pakistan on Sept 17, 2012 following purchases by then Primary Reverend (PM) Raja Pervez Ashraf.

The premier had enforced a ban after YouTube declined to pay attention to the advice of the government to remove a blasphemous film.
via Propakistani and Express Tribune

Author: PB Teams

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