Wateen brings Cloud based high definition video conferencing service, V3

Wateen brings Cloud based video conferencing service, V3

Wateen delivers Cloud based high definition video conferencing service.

Cloud computing is in and with every day technology companies are getting into it for offering better and efficient services.Continuing the same pattern, Wateen Telecommunications has declared a cloud service for companies by presenting V3 which is Virtual Presence Via Voice and Video.

It is basically a high-definition video conferencing service that companies can take benefit of without investing on hardware or technical skill as everything is handled at Wateen’s end.

V3, by using the cloud technology, can let you bring online conference rooms, desktops and mobile phones on a secure system of 1080p definition. Not only this helps you to save huge traveling cost that business save but also the high quality of video conferencing is seamless.

Commenting on the release of V3, Wateen CEO, Mr. Naeem Zamindar said,

“Wateen is committed to providing technology solutions that will transform the way businesses operate in Pakistan and V3 is another step in that direction. It doesn’t require any hardware investment or any technical expertise, which makes it a cost effective solution for organizations that are looking to adopt high-definition video conferencing through a cloud platform as a means of reducing travel costs and improving communication and collaboration in the workplace. Extending our portfolio to high-definition video conferencing is another step forward in realizing our dream of a ‘Digitized Pakistan’.”

Wateen has its own dedicated video conferencing servers, which allows it to offer fast, high quality, reliable video conferencing with low latency and quick response times.

At the moment, Wateen is offering free tests for companies which are fascinated to check the assistance prior making a deal with the company.For creating the package more profitable, Wateen is also combining it with various data bandwidth options

Author: Ismail Ziker

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