Operation Clean-up

I have been following cricket since the day I was born, it is the game that you will find in each and every Pakistani’s veins.I have seen glorious moments of Pakistan cricket,once it was a true force of destruction under the captaincy of Imran Khan, Wasim Akram and even in Inzamam’s tenure as captaincricket. Pakistan was a country that used to produce enormous talented players without any proper system but time changes away quickly and the same happened to Pakistan cricket as well. The team which produced great players like Javed Miandad, Imran Khan, Saeed Anwar, Saqlain Mushtaq, Wasim Akram,Zaheer Abbas, M.Yousuf etc is struggling today to match the international arena.

The problem with our team is that we are still playing the old age flavor of cricket, we want players performing in the domestic arena to capture the international arena as well which is not possible as our domestic structure is most probably the worst structure in the world. The problem that has effected our team is that we are getting enormous talented individual players at the under 19 circuit but there are not enough facilities to groom them for the international cricket.

The National cricket academy in Lahore have became a place where PCB hires useless coaches and they are destroying our grass root cricket.PCB is now a political mafia working for their own benefits not for the sake of cricket in Pakistan.About 60% of the board officials are over aged or the one’s who have not played cricket in their entire life,the same faces are there from the past 15 years and still our cricket instead of rising,it is falling away.”We are not producing talents” is a lame joke you will hear from most of the board officials because they are blind folded by the money and luxurious life they have been given by the Pakistan Cricket Board.

I am against those also who say that only a proper system can make a team better, if it was like that than the most perfect system of cricket is working in England from the past century but there team is still struggling to win a single ICC event.This is the time to take some bold decisions for the sake of cricket or else our cricket will struggle to survive and will reach the same  position as our hockey and squash have reached today.

Operation clean- up should be started against the useless robots working in our board and against the player mafia who are politically influencing cricket board for their own benefits.In the end,i would just like to say this is the game we are made for,this is the game which unites us,this is the game we love to see and play so please take some steps for its revival or else the time is not far away when we will be out the cricketing arena.

Author: Taimoor Qureshi

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