Hole in BOL Tv Management

Senior anchorperson and journalist Kamran Khan along with other journalists Asma Shirazi, Nusrat Javed, Wajahat S Khan and Iftikhar Ahmed resigned from upcoming tv channel BOL. Kamran Khan was appointed as president and editor in chief for the network.  Later CEO of the media group BOL Azhar Abbas also resigned.

 He announced his decision to resign about an hour after interior minister Chaudhary Nisar made a presser related to Axact, a company alleged to give fake and bogus degrees. Nisar said that the amount  of scandal of this fake degree scam is too high and Axact company had now forced Pakistan to solicit help from United States, Britain, and national hackers to hack into the Axact computers to find some prove the accusations. Nisar also requested media channel not to jump into the conclusions and wait for the complete investigation.

CEO Axact, Shoaib Shaikh alleged different media channels of Pakistan of doing media trail of Bol, the reason behind that as he mentioned was that Bol is becoming largest media group in Pakistan. And adding that, test transmission of Bol is also going since later this day.

Earlier, The New York times reported a mind-boggling scam of Pakistan IT giant Axact. That article got hype in Pakistan, federal ministers and FIA to look up to the matter and investigate. FIA sealed the Islamabad office of Axact and send notice but no response was shown by the CEO of the company and denied all the accusations. The investigation is still on and will keep updating you.

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