United We stand Divided We Fall

Writing a blog after a long time and creating an impact  can be hard but I am not here to create any kind of impact but I am here to use this platform again because I want to play my individual role of being a good citizen. As you all know Pakistan is going through a very tough period. Chaos is spreading everywhere. Unemployment, inflation, poverty, injustice and the list goes on.So we can at-least raise our individual voices against it through “Jihad-bil-Qalam(striving by means of pen)”.

Messenger of Allah once stated that:

“The ink of a scholar is holier than the blood of a martyr;and one who is reading looks handsome in front of Allah.

Although there are certain problems that could be discussed but I will discuss a few of them only. Firstly an image of Pakistan had been developed that we are terrorists and our country has nothing to offer but who are the ones who created it? Who will take the responsibility? It is easier to sit here and blame U.S and its allies but honestly the problem lies within us. A bitter truth is that most of us will never reject a U.S visa or U.S citizenship so who are the hypocrites? Question arises why would we never reject a U.S visa? Do i need a Rolls Royce,a big apartment at Dallas or Houston with a dozen of servants. Am I leaving my family, my country just for the sake of luxuries? For me personally it’s a big NO but I want to leave this just for one reason and that is lack of opportunities.

People gather near a national flag during a ceremony to celebrate the country's 69th Independence Day at the mausoleum of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Karachi, Pakistan, August 14, 2015. Jinnah is generally regarded as the founder of Pakistan. REUTERS/Akhtar Soomro

Pakistanis living in foreign countries are a big asset to us. We will never reject a U.S visa because we want a world of opportunities; Why?Because we know we’re capable of something much bigger and only living in a developed nation gives you an environment to work at your full potential. Now the question arises what is the problem in our country? Why are we short of opportunities? Why a country full of talented individuals suffering since its birth? Only one word comes to my mind that is “Corruption”. We are a nation in which each person is somehow individually corrupted. The recent issue of Panama leaks turned the world politics upside down resulting in a lot of resignations but it didn’t affected us why? Are we a dead nation? No we aren’t, we are a nation where when a mother cries for her son in a live transmission, millions of other mothers sitting in-front of their TV sets also joins her, we are a nation who can gather millions of rupees in just a few minutes to help our brothers and sisters. We are a nation where a mother teaches her son to donate half of his pocket money daily and gives us a man such as “Abdul Sattar Edhi” who does not need any introduction, a nation where a son whose mother dies due to cancer decides to set-up a cancer hospital so that no other should suffer like he did resulting in “Shoukat Khanum Hospital“. A nation full of heroes with the most inspiring stories. Its not that this nation doesn’t cares but its just that we all are somehow procrastinators who do prefer their personal comforts and don’t want to protest or to raise their voice or in short to be dis-comfortable. We live in a country where if we talk about politics, our parents shut our mouths, Why? Is politics that bad? Politics isn’t bad at all but politicians are bad and our country don’t have a system to clean this shit,again the same question arises, Why? Because institutions aren’t strong in our country. A country where the head of an institution which is responsible for accountability is himself a big example of dishonesty, Yes i am talking about NAB whose chairman was recently alleged of being corrupted but no one bets an eye whereas the governor of Tokyo resigned recently, you know why? Because he did spent a bit more on his children’s comic books and vacations, a big LOL moment for us but sadly we aren’t a civilized nation.

Nations like us where governments are just busy to sell each and every thing from their own country to make personal properties in different countries resulting in a weaker economy, where a finance minister tries to cheat his own nation just to fool them around, a country where provincial government uses his power to kill its own residents resulting in “Model Town Disaster” ,Chief justice’s interference is necessary but sadly for us CJ is only their to provide contempt of court orders to individuals who want to raise their voice against this monarchy.Media plays an important role here and in my opinion only media has the power to perfectly create an impact on this nation but sadly our media is busy doing the ratings fight where a self-proclaimed doctor hosts a show of a holy month and makes people feel embarrassed while others are making this nation dance and sing only for a bike but sadly our nation is happy to do that only,*Face Palm*. We live in a nation where if Army Chief doesn’t takes an action, whole nation wants him to kick the corrupted leaders and after an action has been taken, he becomes the traitor of democracy. Sigh!
I just want to say that i am not a scholar or an analyst but a small blogger and a hurt citizen who wants this nation to rise again and this is only possible by the combine efforts of this society. With me take an oath today that we won’t support any individual political or religious party but we will support the right person and Pakistan only. We will help others, a popular cellular brand shows how an idea can change life of others, I’m talking about the “Deewar-e-Mehrbani” in Peshawar. I want you all to at-least create small groups and start doing things like that because this is the only possible way that will help a society grow progressively and I would always love to be a part of such noble causes. I do post a lot of things on social media but I never posted any of my NGO related things and most of my friends and even my relatives don’t know that I own one because if I am doing something for this society that means I am doing something great for my own-self only, Isn’t I’m too selfish? Whenever I see a needy and I’m not in a position to help them, that’s most probably the only moments in my life where I do feel guilty and helpless anyways I hope that my small effort will help at-least a few. In the end I want to sum it up that: ” When I fall down, I have to pick myself back up”.

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Author: Taimoor Qureshi

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