Habib University hosts QISS, aims for development of a national collaboration in Pakistan

Habib University hosted a four-day long Quantum Information Summer School (QISS), where a public talk by Dr. Barry Sanders also took place, during aimed at developing a national strategic research collaboration in Pakistan, at HU campus in Pakistan’s largest city Karachi.


Dr. Barry sanders discussed Dr. Abdus Salam’s contributions to Physics as well as to science in developing countries. He also talked about his interaction with Abdus Salam and his influence on his work in quantum information science, especially Symmetries and conservation in the nature.

The public talk was part of larger four day QISS initiative aimed at providing an intensive introduction to the field of Quantum Information. Quantum technology is now on the verge of creating and exploiting the symmetries that not long ago were only found in atoms and nuclei, and this technological prowess will present applications to paradigm-shifting quantum computing. The field integrates ideas from physics, computer science, engineering and philosophy with applications ranging from algorithms that break secure communication protocols we use online every day to resolving paradoxes at the cosmological scale related to black holes.

The Quantum Information Summer School was scheduled from 25th to 29th July, 2016; where speakers, Dr. Barry Sanders (AITF iCORE Strategic chair in Quantum Information Science and director of the institute of Quantum Science and Technology at the University of Calgary), Dr Muhammad Sabieh Anwar (LUMS), Dr Abuzer Yakaryilmaz (National Laboratory for Scientific Computing, Brazil), Dr. Benno Salwey (University of Freiburg, Germany) presented lectures on different quantum information topics in the HU’s Soorty Hall.

Habib University received many applications for the program from all major universities Pakistan including, Bacha Khan University, DHA Suffa, FAST-NUCES, IBA, Karakoram National University, Lahore University of Management and sciences, NED, National University of Science and Technology, Quest, Quaid-e-Azam University and Sir Syed University. Participants appreciated the opportunity to learn about quantum information from leading experts in the field.


QISS 2016 was organized by HU CS faculty member Dr. Jibran Rashid. In order to ensure that such endeavours increase in their scope and outreach, a steering committee of faculty members from HU, LUMS, NUST and University of Calgary has been formed. The committee will prepare a national strategic vision document for quantum information research in Pakistan. The next QISS will be hosted by NUST Islamabad in 2017.

Author: PB Teams

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