​LG G5 Redefines Holiday Photography with Wide Angle Shooting

The user can manipulate the photograph in terms of tone, color and style as well. If the user wants a different or funkier visual effect – black and white, or different tones and colors – he or she can apply one of nine filters before pressing the shutter to see how it looks. Once a certain effect is applied, that effect remains the default shooting option until the setting is changed or restored.

In The Frame: Pop-out Picture

Once the picture is taken, the user can upgrade its look by applying the Pop-out Picture function.  This function merges two pictures taken with two lenses on the LG G5: The “inner” image is taken with the regular lens, the “outer” image is taken with the Wide Angle Lens. Add a filter effect – blur, fisheye, or black and white or vignette – over the “outer” image for a different visual effect. You now have an “image within an image” good enough to share on social media – or even hang on the wall when one gets back home.

Author: PB Teams

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