Open Invitation to future Tech experts & Big Dreamers

Someone has rightly said,
“When opportunity knocks, Don’t let fear hold you back. 
Open the door and embrace the opportunity that has come forth.”

Information technology and computer science’s fields have done explicit wonders in today’s era and have brought out applications such as Facebook, twitter, Whatsapp, IMO and many more.  From communication apps to security apps, gaming apps to transportation apps ,IOS softwares to anti virus software’s these fields have eased each and every aspect of our daily life and still counting.

Have you ever dreamed of being successful just like Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates or may be to be a computer wizard like them? If not then start musing today in fact start acting. But the hurdles you might face during this journey shouldn’t be neglected. For  such big dreamers or CS or IT student it’s an open invitation, who might be interested to be the founder of any application in future. Grab the opportunity, register now and groom yourself because Dha Suffa University in collaboration with Facebook Developer’s Circle, Karachi has organized a tech talk to shed some light on open source tools of emerging markets powered by ACM DSU. Some of these tools might help you in the near future by easing the app-making process.

And guess what who’s gracing this talk? Hasnain Lakhani, a software engineer from LUMS, is coming right from San Francisco to motivate young students. He himself has been working as software engineer for Facebook for two years. Remember an idea can change your life. It all depends on you if you’re willing to attain guidance from such an experienced person, then what are you waiting for? Register yourself now, grab a seat and say Hello.. This time your fortune is in your hands.

Opportunities don’t always come that easily. Join us at 5th Jan at Dha Suffa University for a worth experienced session. Show your capabilities. Prove your mettle. Shine like a star and become a pride of Pakistan.
Hurry up.. Don’t think, just act!

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Author: Sana

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